What is Bookabillboard?

Bookabillboard is the fastest, easiest way to book or sell billboards in South Africa. This platform delivers a quick, cost-effective way to buy and sell outdoor advertising space. Whether you are a buyer or seller of outdoor media, our sophisticated platform delivers a user-friendly online solution for purchasing and selling outdoor advertising space.



Classic, large-format powerhouses.



Impactful, larger-than-life out-of-home media.



Trendy and eye-catching. Stand out from the crowd.

Mega Wraps


Out-of-home, at epic proportions.

Street Pole Ads


Targeted and budget-friendly.

Street Furniture


Speak to your audience exactly where they are, on their level.

Alternative Advertising

Mobile Billboards

Moving media is highly effective marketing,
where you like, as many as you like, for as long as you like.

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Bus Advertising


Transit media are high impact moving billboards that grab your audience’s attention directly at eye level! City buses travel hundreds of kilometres each day projecting your message throughout your community giving you the opportunity to keep your company’s name and message top-of-mind all month long.

Rank T.V.


Reach an audience of 24 million commuters daily whose spend collectively make up around R1.67 trillion each year of essential goods and services purchased – that represents approximately 52 cents of every Rand that is spent in the country!
Actively engage with this audience via the power of Rank TV.