With any marketing campaign, it’s difficult to get your Company’s full message across using only one marketing channel. But, It is a proven fact that Billboard advertising is more impactful as part of a 360 degree marketing mix. The Short and sweet billboard messaging is the best way to reinforce a larger marketing campaign goal.

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The Golden Rule of Billboard advertising:

Billboards attract attention because of their size and strategic location, but once you have your customer’s attention there is approximately only 5 seconds to bring your message across. This means you need your message to be bold, catchy and clear in order to get the job done. One does not have to invest a lot of money, but you need to invest the time to carefully consider and edit your image, copy, colour choices, and font choices to deliver a clear, impressive message. This includes limiting your message to five or six words, not using a bright white background, choosing colours that have high contrast, choosing bold fonts, and if you plan on using images, use one strong graphic.


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